Here goes…

Ah, the dreaded first entry!

Well, I could write an epic about how much I love exploring new countries…

but I’ll just post my packing list… Some of you might roll yer eyes at this, but I’m the type of person that enjoys perusing other people’s travel packing lists (with hopes of discovering the secret to packing light). We’re off to Madrid tonight, then by lunch tomorrow, we’ll be in the air roaring towards Mumbai, India.

So far, our plan is to spend 3 months in India, then be in Nepal by mid-March. Go trekking for a coupla weeks (Annapurna circuit?) then after achieving the impossible (c’mon. me, hiking higher than 5,000 meters? that’s a feat) we’ll see what happens.

Here’s my list! Everything weighted in at 13.5 kilos (29 pounds for ya’ll at home)

1 pair quick dry running pants
1 pair jeans (yeah, i know… rather have it than not)
1 pair board shorts
1 sleeveless dress (will use as skirt)
2 tanktops (i reaaally had a hard time picking only 2)
3 short sleeve tops (2 quick drying, 1 cotton)
1 lightweight longsleeve button up
1 hoodie (a must for me no matter where i go)
1 rain jacket
7 pairs underwear
3 bras (2 sports)
4 pairs socks
2 pairs of flipflops (cuz they’re from old navy)
1 pair hiking sneaks

extra layers for nepal/trekking (i wouldnt bring otherwise)
1 fleece pullover
1 thermal leggings
1 heavyweight hiking pants
1 puffy jacket
1 pair long socks

clothes all laid out (not pictured: puffy jacket, rain jacket, footwear)


into compression sacks, including puffy jacket and rain jacket (I left the purple towel there for the sake of comparison)


everything else:
Our bibles, Lonely Planet India and LP Nepal (we take turns carrying)
notebook and several pens
deck of cards
swiss army knife
whistle (yes, really)
medium sized fast drying towel
waterproof backpack cover
ipad and keyboard
kindle fire
ipod touch and earbuds
canon s100
usb memory stick
2 outlet adaptors (for all my american plugs)
extension cord with 3 european outlets
chargers for each electronic
USB cords for cameras
bag with assorted toiletries for both of us (no makeup or jewelry but brought wayyyy too much conditioner)

Xiker is carrying our ginormous but well stocked first aid kit (i predict we’ll be chugging down those hydration packets and diarrhea pills within a week so that’ll whittle it down some)

so, yeah. my backpack is half empty but because of all the frickin electronics and toiletries, it’s a bit heavier than I’d like. I totally plan on using up that conditioner fairly quickly and anyway I’m ok with downsizing as I go.

Hereeeee we go! (Pic as posted on instagram)image