It’s Christmas for most of our friends and family back home, but for us here in India, the only thing the 25th marks is our 7th day of traveling (and birthdays for some of my friends–looking at ya, levis). A week in India doesn’t seem like much, but I’ve seen and felt more things in this one week than the last year combined.
I write but don’t post regularly, so it’ll be a while before I catch up…I hope to update more often from now on so for now bear with me.
Mumbai was, overall, a good introduction to India. My first sentiment was that it was one big dirty honking mess of human traffic.

But, according to other foreigners who have been in India for a while already, Mumbai is much more cleaner, and there is actually some kind of order to the chaos that reigns in the streets. We stayed at the Salvation Army Hotel, in an incredibly overpriced room, right behind the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Besides visiting the “must sees” of Mumbai, and cautiously sampling the local delicacies, Xiker and I played our favorite game: get lost.
How to play? First, get thyself off the main streets and bravely venture into the unmapped. At each intersection, look each way and decide which direction looks most interesting, then go forth. Smartly weave through the obstacles (be it animal, vegetable or mineral) a la Frogger. The game ends when you want- just sidle up to the nearest Indian and ask how to get to where you want to go.
one of many fruit/veggie stands all over the city. (far from fresh, unfortunately)
Cricket, a wildly popular sport in these parts.
Dhobi Ghat, one of the worlds biggest open-air, human-powered laundromats! Image
cute kiddos (minus me)Image