Hamming it up in Hampi

After the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and the dusty haze of Aurangabad, I immediately fell in love with Hampi.

The reddish-orange rocks are offset by the emerald green banana plantation leaves, bright green shoots of rice paddies and the large yellow-green fronds of palm trees. Its a sumptuous feast for the eyes and life was much more shanti-shanti (though no less dusty) than anywhere we’ve been so far. I immediately knew we’d spend at least 3 days here… we stayed for 5.


We spent most of our days two-wheeling around the sun-drenched area, on bicycles and motorbikes both.

On our first morning, “X” yukked it up with “V” over breakfast, and thus we had two new companions for the next few days. V, an Indian from Maharashtra, actually has a normal name but was dubbed thus by Xik, for V for Vendetta. Prasad said he loves Hampi so much he comes back every year.

So, all 5 of us–V, Mirjam and our Russian neighbor, Anton–went biking, with V at the front, pointing out objects of interest and feeding us bits of colorful information. We agreed to save the temples for the next day and mostly pedaled around the outlying area of Hampi.

s7, X, Mirjam and V. (Photo by Anton)

Fresh sugar cane for a midday snack!


A delicious buffet lunch in the nearby town of Anegundi


Problems are bound to happen with rented bikes! In this case, stuck chain. Flat tire another time.


Exhausted and baked (from the sun, mind you) we sluiced the dust off our bodies and crawled into our mosquito-netted beds early.