Snooty Ooty

With some time to kill while the Canon S100 was supposed to be repaired, we decided to visit ‘Snooty Ooty,’ a hill town in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu.

The 5-hour drive was beautiful, winding through tiger preserves and past tea plantations, and we hit Ooty just as the sun was descending below the trees.

The colorful houses lining the hills were set aglow, and the best part was the chill in the air (a sensation I thought I’d never feel again).

We gorged ourselves with homemade chocolate and cookies, complemented with delicious chai tea, for dessert and breakfast every day, and took a ride on the ‘romantic’ UNESCO world heritage mountain train.






Would’ve been nice to stay and explore the hills, but there were news of a Dengue fever outbreak in nearby Coimbatore… plus I was anxious to get back to my camera.

Lens error. Restart camera.

Worst 4 words I’ve ever had to read, and lord knows how many cameras have flashed those nasty curse words to me. My fault this time, I dropped it in Hampi and it wasn’t long before the new Canon s100 began malfunctioning. It died right before we left Hampi and left me utterly miserable.

So, after a lot of pouting on my part, we bought, as Xiker put it, a s7-friendly camera… But my parents said it would have to first survive the India/Nepal trip before it could truly be considered S7-proof.

I hated the thought of switching loyalties, but after 4 or 5 canon cameras and most of them going belly up with lens malfunctions, I couldn’t argue with his logic.

It doesn’t take the best pictures, but we aren’t working for National Geographic, are we? And with India being dusty and grimy, this was overall the wisest choice, though not our first.

I like it but its a far cry from the Canon s100. Oh well. It’ll take a while, but I’ll learn to wield it.