Itchy Trichy

After almost 3 weeks of traveling in India, our weak immune system finally succumbed to the rigors of backpacking and we fell ill. Not of travelers diarrhea, not yet, but yeah, we had to pay a visit to the nearest hospital (though it wasn’t an emergency nor was it life-threatening, don’t you worry) and we each amassed a bunch of prescribed pills to help us get ourselves back on our feet.

Near the hospital. The dude on the right asked me to snap this photo!

So, we stayed in Trichy for a total of 5 days. Fortunately, we were staying in a top-end hotel that cleaned our room every day and had a huge buffet breakfast included in the price. On top of all that, we had unlimited WiFi and a TV with THREE channels devoted to showing movies 24-hours… SUBTITLED! I was in sickbed heaven, as close as I could get without my mummy there to make me some chicken broth soup.


We did venture out into the searing heat of the day now and then, and visited the rock fort and the impressive Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. Supposedly its the biggest functioning temple in the world (Angkor isn’t open for religious purposes).



The highlight of our days, however, were the dinners. Tamil egg masala brotta, then badam milk for dessert. Cue the celestial music!

the music starts around 0:15

The manager of le restaurante

Yummy badam milk!