I got to admit, I didn’t think I would like Kochin very much. All I really knew about it was that it was touristy, there was a ‘fort,’ and the beach was filthy.

We got into Ernakulam around 3pm. Asked around and found out that the ferry to Kochin is only 2.50 rupees per person.

Alas, the engine stopped puttering a few minutes after we left shore, leaving us floating in the middle of the water.

The engine mechanic went to work, disassembling some parts and jiggling others. Wasn’t long before the coast guard came along and towed our boat to shore.




When I first stepped off the pier I noticed a cool piece of street art, with the words ‘GUESS WHO?’

As we walked further into the city, I spotted an advertisement for the Kochi Biennale, and was thrilled to find that we hadn’t missed it. (Pics in the next blog entry.) Spent the next 24 hours pretty much getting lost and taking photos of everything. We visited the Dutch Palace and the 400 year old Jewish synagogue (no cameras allowed) and walked along the coastline.


Ginger drying out in the sun at the spice market.

The sludge from the city feeding out into the harbor. I took a monochromatic picture to emphasize how green the water is. Ugh.

Went shopping for a new hat. Didn’t buy this one, even though Xik thought I should.
“Travel friendly,” he said. “Effin ugly,” I said.

Fishing contraptions that Kochin is known for

Pimp my rickshaw!

Kochin Beach. Definitely not for swimming, despite what you see here.