Goan motorcycle diaries: Day 3

Today was a day of meandering, as we wanted to spend as many hours on the Avenger as possible. North and south, west and east, we just rode with the wind. (And boy, it was windy as hell!)

It is a small wonder that Goa is Rent-a-Motorbike country: Its easy to ply, especially because there are signs everywhere, as if they were put there just for us foreigners.

First, the Anjuna Flea market. Its famous but overrated, IMHO. Just a sprawling field of the same, common goods we’ve been seeing all over India. Doesn’t mean I enjoyed it any less–Xiker had to drag me away!
pic 999

pic 1003

pic 1004

pic 1005

pic 1007

pic 1008

pic 1009

Next, Vagator and Little Vagator beach.
pic 1017

The head of Shiva, buried in the sand.
pic 1025

Happiness is only real when shared… sez McCandless
pic 1040

Route of the day

p.s. battery on the camera was half-dead in the morning so not too many pics taken.