Chitty chitty bang bang Chittorgarh

Looming over the town of Chittor, 180 meters up atop a plateau, is one of India’s largest forts, with history reaching all the way back to the 7th century.

The Chattari Rajputs (a warrior caste) valued honor and pride, and preferred death than surrender. When the city was under siege and the soldiers rode out to fight to their deaths, their women and children would immolate themselves rather than let themselves be taken by the enemy. This mass suicide, called Jauhar, happened thrice throughout the centuries.

The fort was eventually restored in 1905.

pic 1280

pic 1286

360 panorama
pic 1293

Kalika Mata, still in use
pic 1303

pic 1305

behind us, the venerable tower of victory
pic 1327

pic 1315

pic 1320

pic 1318

pic 1314

the water tank.
pic 1347

pic 1334

pic 1373

more cuties!
pic 1377

pic 1371

higher up view. cloudy though.
pic 1383

pic 1386

the other side of the plateau.
pic 1406

these dudes, also on their way back to Udaipur, insisted we take a pic!
pic 1427

If yer still wondering, Chittorgarh is well worth the day trip from Udaipur.