As the capital city of Rajasthan, we agreed the city merited a visit.

I must admit I was mildly disappointed by its nickname, Pink City. Even the central train station, Jaipur Junction, was the pale pink of a freshly-scrubbed piglet.

When we reached the new gate and beheld the famed old city of Jaipur, I declared, despondently, that it was actually a burnt orange– or a dusty brown–but in any case, it is nowhere near pink! Colorblind Xiker said he rather liked the color scheme, which may explain why he bought me a pair of white sunglasses with orange lenses… Never mind the photochromic lenses.

One thing we did agree on was the fact that if we hadn’t been in India for a month and a half already, we would’ve fallen like easy prey to the pushy rickshaw drivers and the hard-nosed shopkeepers when trying to bargain.

I emerged from the battle–er, bazaar– with a pretty, almost-silky purple scarf for only 250 rupees, way down from the quoted price of 600. Of course, it might’ve cost 100 rupees and I totally fell for it, but hey I’m happy with my scarf and the price. (Bit of advice: don’t shop when you’re in a hurry, and don’t be afraid to walk away!)

Our first night, we crashed a wedding and had a great time: people were happy to see us, the performances were lively and food was practically stuffed down our throats. The food was nothing short of gourmet, it was some of the best food we’d had in a long, long time! We finished off with some ice cream and yummy espresso coffee, and crawled into bed with stuffed bellies.

The next day, when we got lost in the maze of the not-so-Pink City, I got dragged into dancing, in the street in front of a crowd of ladies and children, side-by-side with a girl who certainly has a future as a professional dancer! The girl and I:

pic 1596

And a short video if you’re in the mood for a belly laugh.

Anyway, here are a few snapshots of our time in Jaipur. One day of sightseeing, one day devoted to taking care of business, or as my friend N8 woulda put it, “TCOB”. Our one-month old Nikon 100, bought in Mysore, seems to be troubled, so we went to the service center… No replacement available for another 3 to 4 weeks, though. Aaaaaah, I should just learn to live without a camera.

pic 1493

pic 1492 (1)

The groom and his bride. (Sorry, its the only pic i have of em…)
pic 1501

The venue. Buffet tables took up 3 walls!
pic 1512

Example of the pink that is not.
pic 1529

pic 1528

The honeycombed Hawa Mahal, built in 1799 for the royal ladies
pic 1534

pic 1537

pic 1547

pic 1567

Found this place off some shady alley somewhere.
pic 1587

pic 1595

One of many gates into the old city
pic 1592