Blogging and internet connections

Holla from Kathmandu, Nepal!

It was a 40-hour ordeal which shall be chronicled, but first, I gotta catch up! In Varanasi, speedy internet connections were a rarity in my section of town–so it took me forever just to upload pictures (so many good portraits from Khanjuraho)– and the wifi shut off as I was trying to update with a new blog, just before I had to go and catch our night train.

Travelling in countries like India and trying to blog on a somewhat regular basis ain’t easy, I tell ya. Internet connections are the bane of our existence. Saw a lot of internet cafes around our hotel here though, and the wifi in our room is awesome (sucks to have an iPad when you need to sort through pics however).

But now, Kathmandu beckons…

So, bear with me as I slowly catch up.