$tatistic$ of traveling in India

The average costs for 2 cookie lovers on a day to day/month to month basis.

We’re not frugal by any means (our ever-increasing waist sizes can attest to this) but we’re not luxury travelers either.

Hotel rooms ate up most of our daily budget–we could’ve gone dirt cheap if we’d wanted, but we usually settled for rooms that looked clean, with private bathrooms and real beds (versus slabs of wood covered in blankets). Otherwise, we splurged mostly on food, particularly sweets. Transportation wasn’t too expensive, if we planned ahead well enough (or were just plain lucky).

We averaged about 600 euros per month, not including the things we bought for ourselves (new cameras, clothes, christmas/birthday gifts, blankets and leather camera bag). That’s 300 per person per month.

Very affordable, and very possible to do it for much cheaper (without starving).

Without further ado, here are the numbers (sorry, Americans, for the calculations done in €… thats what happens when you hook up with an European!)

Highest spent in one day
Mumbai: 30€
Goa to Mumbai: 35€ including sleeper bus ticket
Gulmarg: 49/69 € (per day) including all rentals and lift tickets

Jaisalmer: 8€
Mysore: 9€

Average amount spent per day- 15 to 20€ (for both of us!)

Most expensive accomodation
Mumbai: 1360rs (including bkfst and lunch for two)
Gulmarg: 1300rs (including large propane heater and electric blanket)

Jaisalmer: 150rs (because we managed to get out of a camel safari)
Hampi: 200rs (plus big, hairy spiders for roommates. no biggie.)

Our average
400 to 500rs per night, including bathroom and bucket shower. Occasionally includes TV and/or wifi. (Hot water never, never a guarantee no matter what anyone says)

Daily essentials
2L water bottle: 25 to 30rs
Toilet paper: 30 to 70rs, depending on who you ask
1 packet of shampoo: 1 to 3rs (enough for 2 shampooings)
Snickers bar: 15rs or 40rs (small/regular size)
Thali: average is 60rs in South India, 80rs in North India
Samosas: 5rs to 15rs depending on size of samosa
Fruit: 4 to 10rs per piece
Tea: chai tea and milk tea are usually one and the same. Starts at 5, can go up as high as 15rs (for the same size serving).
Internet: 30 to 50rs per hour
Beer starts at 60rs per 660mL in Goa, and averages 200rs in most of India, but can go up to 350 elsewhere (Gulmarg for example)

Rickshaw rides SHOULD average around 10 to 15rs per km, depending on your bargaining skillz, the time of day and the location.
Local buses are much more cheaper than tourist ones (and don’t vary much in quality)
Sleeper/general train tickets are insultingly cheap in comparison to any other form of public transportation (if you can manage to get seats, that is).

Visiting popular tourist attractions–temples, UNESCO ruins, tombs, that kind of thing– will set you back at least 100rs, most often between 250 to 500rs per foreigner (Indians never pay more than 20rs).

Popular traveler hangouts (all totals are for two unless stated otherwise)
5 days in Hampi: 96€ (including 2 days of bike rentals and 1-day motorcycle rental)
5 days in varkala: 90€ (spent more on food per day than hotel!)
6 days in Goa: 150€ (including 3 day motorcycle rentals, 24-hour sleeper bus ticket to Mumbai and one huge feast at Dominos pizza)
Admission into the Taj Mahal: 750rs per person (11€)