Monthly Archive: April, 2013

Nepal Motorcycle Diaries: Bandipur and Gorkha

With some days to kill before starting our Langtang trek, we reserved a motorcycle and scoured the map for a worthy destination. Settled on Bandipur, a hill town three hours away, and set… Continue reading

We be off Langtang-ing

While all of y’all back home in the USA and Europe are enjoying spring (or the last vestiges of winter), Xiker and I are off to the Langtang Valley for the next few… Continue reading

Hazy Pokhara

We did nothing in Pokhara, in terms of ‘traveling’. It was as if our moods mirrored the hazy weather that enveloped Pokhara in a thick, yellowish cloud for the entire time we were… Continue reading

Life in the shadows of the Annapurnas

Without doubt my favorite part of trekking the Annapurna Circuit was discovering life in the skies, saying the word “namaste” and earning a smile as wind-kissed cheeks turned into apples beneath crinkled eyes.… Continue reading

Part 2: Prepping for the Annapurna Circuit

For questions related to finances, what to pack and other possibly important queries, see PART 1. This post covers additional information that may or may not be important, depending on yer opine. Helpful… Continue reading

Part 1: Prepping for the Annapurna Circuit

Because I found other blog posts related to the Annapurna Circuit to be immensely helpful when I was prepping for the trek, here is our own ‘comprehensive’ list of things we think would-be… Continue reading

Into thin air: the Annapurna Circuit

Even though most people think of the sky-scraping Mt. Everest whenever Nepal is mentioned, there are a lot of other destinations this country has to offer. The Annapurna Circuit is touted as one… Continue reading

Nepali New Year

Happy Nepali New Year, y’all! It’s the second day of the year 2070 BS (Vikram Samvat, also spelled Bikram). For Nepalis the new year falls sometime in mid-April, as according to the lunar… Continue reading