Nepali New Year

Happy Nepali New Year, y’all!

It’s the second day of the year 2070 BS (Vikram Samvat, also spelled Bikram).

For Nepalis the new year falls sometime in mid-April, as according to the lunar Vikram Samvat calendar. Apparently the Vikram Samvat is 56.7 years ahead (in count) of the solar Gregorian calendar that we use at home.

There was a carnival by the lake and streets were full of happy families and rowdy male teenagers; celebrations lasted til late in the night. Saw many ladies walk the alleys of shame the next morning as we ate breakfast.

But I gots a confession to make, you guys.

We’ve been lazy. We didn’t even have a beer to welcome the new year.

It’s true: we have been horrible travelers since we got to Nepal. I was just telling Xiker this afternoon that it’s as if we didn’t use up our vacation days in India (except in Hampi and Varkala) so we’re cashing them all in now.

In Kathmandu we spent a week playing around and only occasionally took some time out to do some touristy stuff.

On March 23rd, we did embark on an adventure around the Annapurna Circuit and there are several stories to tell (coming up soon).
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After 17 days we were back in Pokhara.

Guys, its been a week since we got here and we only just went to the World Peace Pagoda today.

We spent most of our time doing nothing. Caught up on the internet, caught up on our reading, caught up on sleep. Made sure to unbalance our diet.

The call of the mousse had us going back to the German Bakery night after night, even though it chewed a hole in our wallet. And the Namaste bakery and sandwich shoppe had the best iced coffee (and decent sandwiches). 165 rs for a 1 liter bottle (equals 4 tall glasses) of delicious, sweet cold coffee in the middle of a humid afternoon? Who would say no to that?

Every night we planned to go to the top of Sagarkot, but every morning we were thwarted by the thick brown haze that hangs heavy in the air. Tomorrow, we agreed, and went back to sleep, dreaming of ‘mus’.

Well, this morning we spotted, through murky air, mountains behind Sagarkot for the first time in days and decided we’d do the trip to the pagoda. Finally felt touristy and not just lazy, and damn it felt good (never mind that the views were completely obscured). It’s pushed us back into the right frame of mind.

Tomorrow, we go to Kathmandu, then there we shall find answers we need for the next step. Agreed to leave behind our sweet teeth and hoist ourselves back onto the frugal travel bandwagon.

So, once again, forgive me as I will be lagging on the blog posts for a few weeks to come (we are planning on another trek) but don’t despair, they will appear! Eventually.