Hazy Pokhara

We did nothing in Pokhara, in terms of ‘traveling’. It was as if our moods mirrored the hazy weather that enveloped Pokhara in a thick, yellowish cloud for the entire time we were there.

But, we did practice the art of modern tourism as we’ve seen others do.

We went for walks along the lake but didn’t leave the tourist zone of Lakeside. We spent a lot of time reading on our balcony and not only caught up with the world wide web, stayed updated. We balked about whether it’d be worth going rafting or paragliding, and decided it wasn’t. We didn’t bother ordering local dishes and frequented the same few restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We scavenged bakeries twice a day for the lushest chocolate concoctions and/or crusty apple pies.

As a result of our slothfulness, however, we befriended the hotel manager and her family, the chefs and the shopkeepers, and sometimes that means more than anything. Ended the Pokhara visit with the best cuppa tea we’ve had, like, ever. (Hotel Tenzing-Hillary, y’all. 24 hours wifi despite the power outages!)

Sunken boats can be found all along the banks of Phewa Tal
pok 011

pok 026

AWpokhara 003

Celebratory post-trek dinner with Toby and Jenny. Godfather’s pizza makes some of the BEST pizzas EVER.
ACTg 189

Namaste sandwich shop had the yummiest sandwiches and the BEST iced coffee

this place, right in front of our hotel, served us cheap and tasty dinners AND breakfasts!

the chef (in the process of dyeing her hair!)

her hubby, with gorgeous eyes

and mother dearest!

found this basque flag hanging proudly in the Aintzira Kirana store (also right across the street from our hotel)!

the fabulous Hotel Tenzing-Hillary!

A garden shot of Gurkha Hotel (we had to relocate–it was too far away from the German Bakery)
AWpokhara 002

There was ONE morning where we finally snapped out of our lazy mode, and opted for the “long route” up to the World Peace Pagoda. It was a quiet, leafy stroll through a sun-dappled forest, though there were far too many spiders for my liking. The pagoda was pretty, the famed views of Pokhara were not. According to the zillions of panorama posters I see in every bookshop and hotel in Pokhara, there are several mountains looming over the hill of Sagarkot. Phewa Tal (Phewa Lake) is supposed to be, like, the world’s most amazing mirror when it reflects the gorgeous scenery. We saw absolutely nothing.

Photo from a google search of Pokhara


what it really looks like from the world peace pagoda

Anyway, haziness aside, here are some photos from our walk.

The buddha of the Pagoda

Mixing fun and chores




3 thoughts on “Hazy Pokhara

  1. Sounds like you ha. A pleasant time! Nice photos!

  2. Cool photos. What a disappointment about the view, eh?

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