Urbiztondo is actually a barangay in San Fernando (La Union) but most peeps just come straight here for the surf. Wasn’t the ideal time of year, and the beach isn’t known for its beauty, but we still wanted to check it out… We did have every intention of checking out San Fernando and the surrounding areas, but as usual, life happened and we didn’t.

We arrived from Pagudpud just as the sun was setting. The next morning, after a leisurely sleep-in and a late breakfast of delicious longsilog, we dove into the ocean.

Not even two minutes, and I was shrieking as I made for shore, grabbing at my upper right arm.

Turns out I got stung by a jellyfish.

“Xeek, pee on me!” It hurt so bad I was willing to try that centuries-old myth. “I can’t, I just went!”

Luckily there were a few surf instructors hanging out on the beach near us, and they waved us over. Put some kinda vinegar concoction on the sting, and that helped soothe the sting a bit. Took a bit of aloe plant and spread it all over, that helped even more. Turns out jellyfish are common in the area, and are only active between the hours of 10 to 5, which is why nobody else was in the water! (The local surf instructors were appalled when we told them about the myth of using urine, though, having never heard of it.)

We sat down to chat, and ended up never leaving. After 5 pitchers of wipeout, the sun was gone and we were at the bar, continuing the party.

WORST HANGOVERS EVER the next day so we did nothing except puke our guts out and try to sleep. No regrets, though, we had a great time (the day before).

rooftop nipa hut

where we spent our lovely afternoon, after my jellyfish sting

that was our fourth pitcher of wipeout


once the sun set it was time to hit the bar




day after. when our hangovers finally dissipated we went for a sunset walk