Wakeboarding in Naga

We didn’t do much in Naga, but I liked what I saw in our short time there. It was colorful and relatively calm (as calm as Philippine cities can be, that is), and stuffed with coffee shops, bakeries and malls. As usual, the locals were curious about us and affixed their eyes on us whenever we walked by, and a few of the brave ones chanced talking to us.

The real reason we were in Naga was to go wake boarding at the Camsur Watersports Complex, which boasts one of the best cable parks in the world (or something).

All told it costs about 165 pesos for an hour’s worth of time on the water, and an hour’s worth of rental gear. It’s possible to pay for a half day or a full day, or even buy a season pass, I saw a few boarders who were obviously very familiar with the peeps who worked there.

Problem is, all beginners hafta start at a small pool with only one cable, so that meant at least like 10 people taking turns learning how to wakeboard. Once I saw that, I skipped out on the opportunity and dozed off by the swimming pool, but ebullient Xiker went for it.

He did pretty good, considering it was his first time, and managed to advance to the six-corner course after 15 minutes in the beginner’s pool…. though it was hilarious watching him adjust to the much stronger pull of the cable at the big course.

See for yourself!

starting at the beginners’ pool

moved up!

looked up to find these peeps waving excitedly



Naga Metropolitan Cathedral

10 years working here

awesomely nice people at this market

this lady is da boss (literally)

getting a massage at Rizal park