latest update

Om Swastiastu from Bali, Indonesia!

As I am sure y’all know, I am totally behind on posting. We were in Palawan nearly a month ago, and have come a long way since then… but the destinations we went to and the pictures we took are just too incredible to skimp on, so that’s why I’ve been so slow with the updates.

To fill ya guys on what’s happened since Port Barton, here’s a brief summary. We went from Palawan to the Visayas, did some more island-hopping and met some cool peeps. On June 7th, with heavy hearts, we bid the Philippines good-bye and spent three days in otherworldly Singapore, before heading to Indonesia.

Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make the best of those three days in Singapore, because I felt feverish and weak and a whole litany of things.

On our second morning in Bali, we went to see a doctor, and four hours later the office called to confirm that I indeed had dengue fever.

Well, there was nothing else to do except hydrate and get plenty of rest. I’m happy to report that it’s been a week since we landed in Bali and I’m feeling much better these days, so we’ve been to see a few places— though not as much as we normally would’ve.

Seng ken-ken! Balinese for ‘no worries!’

I have been really enjoying Bali and the religious temples, and look forward to exploring more of Indonesia. Today we fly to the island of Flores!

We agreed to disconnect from the digital world for most of our time there, but fret not— I’ve managed to upload a bunch of pictures and have a list of posts already scheduled, so you can keep on checking back here for more pictures of Philippine paradises.

Thanks for staying with us on our travels!