Island Hopping: Coron Island Tour A

Ok, let’s get the specifics out of the way.

The Calamian group refers to the cluster of islands at the northern tip of the province of Palawan; Busuanga is the biggest and most populated island of the Calamian group; Coron Town is the biggest town on the island of Busuanga; and Coron Island is a gorgeous karst-ic (I just made that up) island a few minutes boat ride from Busuanga. Coron Island is inhabited mostly only by the Tagbanuas people, so that’s why most people opt to stay in Coron Town, and do their sightseeing from there.

Island hopping around here usually means going over to Coron Island, which offers a handful of incredible lagoons, a whole bunch of bleached beaches, and some damn fine snorkeling. There are other destinations in the Calamian group, all for higher prices, of course, but there’s something for every budget.

Tours A and B are, respectively, 650 pesos and 750 pesos per person, which should include a buffet lunch and admission fees for each of the destinations. You can organize a private tour, but be prepared to pay for the boat AND the admission fees for each place you should choose to dock at.

Each tour company offers similar lineups for Tours A and B, the only difference is the order in which locations you go to. In fact, many of the tour companies are interconnected, and you may find yourself on a boat belonging to another company. Makes no difference, really, unless you paid more than you should’ve!

The only real difference is the weather— if the sun is shining brightly, any destination will seem like the ultimate national geographic paradise we all want to see. If it isn’t, well, the water is still clear …and, heck, yer still on vacation aren’t you? Enjoy it the best you can 🙂

I don’t know if it has more to do with luck or personal preference, but I enjoyed the destinations of tour B better; except Kayangan Lake is more scenic than Barracuda Lake, IMHO.

Be warned: the pictures everyone advertises of Kayangan Lake is NOT Kayangan— only the parking lot, as seen from the top of the hill via the hike to the lake.

CYC beach

Xiker and I made ourselves right at home on the bangka




a graveyard of dead coral


there are little ships and big ships but the best ship of all is friendship!

Blue lagoon


Last stop: Kayangan Lake

this is NOT the lake! Only the parking lot.

THIS is kayangan lake


these guys are skimmers

The cool thing about Kayangan is that it is about 70% freshwater and 30% saltwater, which makes the water warmer at the bottom than on top! It’s also been dubbed the cleanest lake in Asia, which is pretty easy to believe when you see how clear the water is.