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$tati$tic$ of trav€ling th€ Philippin€$

The following is a breakdown of our daily costs in the Philippines. Although our aim is to travel cheaply, on what folks call a shoestring budget, we are not necessarily frugal folks! We… Continue reading

The Philippines, from above

Traveling overland has its benefits, but the experience of flying over the 7k+ islands of the Philippines induced a thrill like no other. The novelty of the tiny, rundown airports never wore off,… Continue reading

The Taklobo of Camiguin

On the southern coast of Camiguin there is a gorgeous stretch of blinding white sand and clear turquoise-colored water, but Kaliba beach is a private sanctuary and thereby closed to the public—unless you… Continue reading

Camiguin, born of fire

The island of Camiguin is the second smallest in the Philippines, both in population and land area, but with over 20 cinder cones, and four stratovolcanoes, Camiguin has more volcanoes per square kilometer… Continue reading

Palawan Destinations

The province of Palawan is extolled as the ‘final frontier’ of the Philippines, and the seascapes around the region are touted as some of the best in the country. So it was easy… Continue reading

Food culture: Philippines

I gots a confession to make, y’all: I was a finicky filly when it came to eating in the Philippines. Local delicacies include: Balút: boiled duck egg with a partially developed embryo (bonus… Continue reading

Hooping in the Philippines

The people of the Philippines LOVE their basketball. In every village, no matter how small, there will be at least one basketball hoop. After a while I finally started to snap pictures of… Continue reading

Maomags and the Choco Hills of Bohol

So, we only had one full day to spend on the island of Bohol before we headed south on a ferry to the isle of Camiguin. What to do, what to do? A… Continue reading

Pawikans and Apo Island

Ah, Apo Island. Yet other place we fell in love with, and had to leave too soon. It’s not for the claustrophobic, since it’s only 3 km around and 120 m high. Neither… Continue reading

Motorcycle Diaries: Busuanga Island

A half-day’s ride, they said. A whole tank of gas just to get there, they said. Well, we heeded what they said. We left early, on a full tank of gas, prepared for… Continue reading

Island hopping: Coron Island tour B

See Island hopping: Coron Island tour A for a descriptive post about Busuanga and the two Corons. For this trip, we swam under karst rocks to get into the Twin Lagoon, snorkeled at… Continue reading

Island Hopping: Coron Island Tour A

Ok, let’s get the specifics out of the way. The Calamian group refers to the cluster of islands at the northern tip of the province of Palawan; Busuanga is the biggest and most… Continue reading

El Nido

It’s hard to size up the “best beach destination” that is El Nido. It’s garnered the attention of a few prestigious magazines, and has been high on the list of go-to destinations in… Continue reading

Port Barton

These days, Port Barton is not for those seeking luxury, but rather for travelers who revel in exploring remote, rural villages. The town isn’t as well developed as other destinations of Palawan, and… Continue reading

Snorkeling in Port Barton

A personal boat tour cost us only 1200 PHP (around 27 dollars) and we arranged it only 30 minutes before departure. Once the deal was struck, Xiker went to buy lunches for us,… Continue reading

The Subterranean river of Puerto Princesa

Though the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP) has a lot to offer visitors, most people make the trip from Puerto Princesa only to see the underground river, which is heavily celebrated… Continue reading

A sliver of heaven in Sabang

A declaration: the beach of Sabang is grossly underrated in comparison to the other popular destinations of Palawan Island. We spent only one night here and wished we could’ve stayed longer… Too bad… Continue reading

Finding another side to Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is the capital of the Palawan province, located smack dab in the center of Palawan Island. After a short and scenic flight from Manila, we arrived in Puerto early afternoon, excited… Continue reading

Sizzling Bacon Beach

Picked it out a whim, maybe because of the funny name, most likely because of its proximity to Legazpi. As soon as we got off the jeepney, it was obvious that we had… Continue reading

Smoking Mt. Mayon and Legazpi

There were several conquistadors in the 16th century, all who claimed the Philippines in the name of Spain, but Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, who arrived in 1565, was the one who cemented Spain’s… Continue reading

Butanding with Whale Sharks in Donsol

I was scared shitless. The first time we dropped in, I looked under the water and freaked out— the whale shark was RIGHT below me, no more than 10 feet away! I gasped… Continue reading

Wakeboarding in Naga

We didn’t do much in Naga, but I liked what I saw in our short time there. It was colorful and relatively calm (as calm as Philippine cities can be, that is), and… Continue reading

Central Manila

Being allergic to crowded places, I was reluctant about visiting Manila and wanted to rush through it. It’s one of the most densely populated cities in the world, with about 12 million residents… Continue reading

Chinatown of Manila

“Welcome to the jungle,” said a young man wearing a sly smile. A very delightful welcome it was, and ‘jungle’ is the only accurate term for it. I was anything but prepared for… Continue reading


Urbiztondo is actually a barangay in San Fernando (La Union) but most peeps just come straight here for the surf. Wasn’t the ideal time of year, and the beach isn’t known for its… Continue reading

The Blue Lagoon of Pagudpud

Well, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but… In comparison to the quiet, idyllic Saud Beach and its pristine waters, the blue lagoon came off as touristy, crowded, and overhyped. Definitely didn’t help… Continue reading

Saud Beach

The majority of North Luzon is either rocky shoreline or drab strips of sand that can’t compete with the dazzling white sand beaches and aquamarine waters that the Philippines is famous for. But… Continue reading

Callao caves and Tuguegarao

As the political and commercial capital of Cagayan province, Tuguegarao is a busy city full of the usual: pedestrians, trikes, jeepneys, markets and stores, lots of eateries, and plenty of street food to… Continue reading

The rice terraces of Batad

Straight up: Batad is ah-maze-zing. Imagine this: a huge amphitheater of lush, stonewalled rice terraces—over 2000 years old and in impeccable condition—nestled amid a vast stage of steep green hills. You and everyone… Continue reading


For an easy journey to see the famed Ifugao rice terraces, opt for Banaue. It’s a scenic 2.5 hour drive from Bontoc and is supposedly only 9 hours from Manila. Banaue is not… Continue reading