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Revisiting Pokhara

To get to Pokhara from Tansen, we hitched a ride with our new friend, Matthias, in his fully stocked Land Rover. Check out his epic journey with “Bluey” from Germany to Nepal at… Continue reading

Part 3: Gosainkund

The Gosainkund trail goes up to a cluster of sacred lakes up around 4,300m, and every August thousands of people on pilgrimage–Buddhists and Hindus alike–make the hike to bathe themselves in the holy… Continue reading

Hazy Pokhara

We did nothing in Pokhara, in terms of ‘traveling’. It was as if our moods mirrored the hazy weather that enveloped Pokhara in a thick, yellowish cloud for the entire time we were… Continue reading


Mostly famous for the mountain scenery and the houseboats of placid Dal Lake, Srinagar is where vacationers head to when they want to escape the heat of summer. But despite visiting Srinagar during… Continue reading